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Palmetto Marketing of Myrtle Beach, LLC

Palmetto Marketing, LLC is a professional sales and marketing company specializing in Timeshare Resales for over 20 years. Palmetto Marketing has been very successful in establishing Resale programs at resorts that are no longer developer-controlled.

Palmetto’s Resale programs focus primarily on selling weeks that return to the Homeowner’s Association through foreclosures, deed backs, and bankruptcies. The main objective is to sell these weeks to increase more Maintenance fee-paying owners for future years and to ensure the success and enjoyment of the resort for years to come. With this resale program in place at the resort, it will allow the Association to get very aggressive with a collection and foreclosure program.

Palmetto Marketing, LLC also provides an Owner Resale Program at select Resorts.  This resale service is a critical part of the operations of the Association, because Owners face financial difficulties, divorce, death, and other challenges, and, if a resort property does not have a resale outlet for these owners to sell their weeks, sooner or later they become Owners who stop paying their Maintenance Fees.

Palmetto Marketing, LLC’s Resale program is a very low-key, non-threatening approach similar to a concierge or vacation counselor.  Palmetto includes a welcome letter in the check-in package and contacts the guest to ensure they are having an enjoyable vacation.

Palmetto’s In-house Sales Directors meet with guests individually who have interest in either buying or selling a vacation week. Palmetto’s In-house Sales Directors also answer questions from owners and guests about using or exchanging their vacation week.

Palmetto Marketing, LLC also sponsors a weekly activity such as a wine n’ cheese party, or a cook-out for all owners and guests at the Resort to enjoy during their week’s vacation.

With a successful Resale program in place at your Resort, you can feel confident that with new Maintenance-Fee paying owners buying at your resort each year that your Maintenance Fee Revenues will increase and your delinquent owners list will decrease.

Palmetto Marketing, LLC works very closely with management, and gives detailed reports monthly and quarterly to the Board of Directors.

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At Palmetto Marketing, LLC of Myrtle Beach, we believe that proper and professional direction provided for a resort facility by management and overseen by homeowner associations’ boards of directors is essential to the continued success of the original plan of development, the complete enjoyment by its owners, members and guests.

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